Lick My Hole

January 7, 2010, please: My new song "Lick My Holes", pinto beans on blouse cause fight on Long Island, Amazing Grace, man coming over, tuburculosis factory.

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Podcast: Mirrored Ceilings

11-29-09 | Shopping at JC Penney, Vodka, Facebook, sober Whitney is not fun, Mariah, bubble bath story

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Sitting on a Toilet

Why would anyone make a video of theyselves doing this? I find this offensive and embarrassing. Perhaps she lost a bet or has low selves esteem. Either way, she wrong for this. But its funny please.

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Listen at me: Ray Ray and the Jew Woman

(11-19-09) Oh my God did I do a podcast episode? After all these months? Yes, yes I did please. Opening song called P***y Boys, fire ants, Dreamgirls at Apollo, Drunk Lady Raptastic and white friend sing "Silver Bells" in subway station, freestyle rap, Ray Ray and the Jew Woman (MP3 File)

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Nell Carter is not dead, please!

She got a new tv show premiering December 15th! Praise Jesus for the return from the dead of Nell Carter.

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Popsicle phone sex

I got me a popsicle for breakfast from the bodega and ran into a man I had anal with a year ago name G. I exchange the digits and went about my way. A few minutes later he call my ass wanting to hit it this afternoon. Since I am on my period I said no because of my period. He said ok and proceeded to ask me if I could do phone sex with him. I did, still chompin on my popsicle. What a way to start yo day please. Only in my life do these thangs happen please.

I got me a new job down the block aways at Tito's Market. They small and do groceries and birthday cakes. I decorate the cakes. So far I did three wedding cakes and a Quinciera cake. That one was my favorite because it was pink. I pretended it was for Mariah Carey's quinciera, so I made it extra special and took my time. The parents was real happy and gave me a $5 tip. Hello.

So I have been watching Wendy Williams new tv show, but at the gym on the stairmaster thang. I can watch it but I can't hear it. They got 5 tvs up in they, and none of them have sound. I can only read the words on the screen telling me what they saying. I ignore the words and just stare at her wig. Every day a new wig, and they all look fake as hell. Is she bald? Why not pull a Tyra and go natural please? And speaking of hair, I cannot WAIT to see that "Good Hair" movie.
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Listen at me read Frances Bean Cobain's letter to Ali Lohan

I recorded myselves doing an artistic interpretation of the tweet that Frances Bean Cobain sent to Ali Lohan about fame after reading about it on Perez Hilton. Here is the mp3 and below is the player with the text of the open letter below it. Read along and enjoy.


Read Along:

"This is my open letter to Ali Lohan.

Your not entitled to anything simply because your sister has a recognizable name. Your idea of fame isn't fame. It's infamy. You want to be famous? Work your ass off and make decisions that could potentially catapult your career into a lasting one. Notariety for who you are and notaritey for the work you produce are two completely differnt things. I understand that you have been brought up in an envirtoment where the idea of fame is easily achievable but, that's not an excuse. You lack the talent, social understanding and credibility to be anything other then infamous. Your careere choices, thus far, will transcend a future career as someone who attempted to be famous, but never quite achieved it. And if you do, it will be the formality of fame that puts you on the covers of tabloids, while the public idly watches you plumit into the murky abyss shared with the likes of Spencer Pratt & Jon Gosslin who, i'm sure, will steal your money whilst there. Fortunately for the world, there are people who have and don't have recognizable names, who have obtained artistic integrity and will one day, hopefully, bring that tangible artisticness into light again. Though, its hard to think thats achievable when people like You ali lohan are rendering the world of true talent by attempting to make your entitled ass noticed. How is this fair to the people who HAVE artistic integrity, or a mind? How is it fair to those who truly have something to offer the human race other then a dwindling last name and a few shitty films, both of which, solidified the idea that your just a celebrities sibling. I recognize that i might come across as harsh and no, i don't personally know you, but its the actions that you take, that speak for you. You blatently don't care how your recognized, its the objective to get famous and that is what makes you replaceable and a recycled idea .Well, im ashamed to have to be grouped into the same category of person as you. I would rather die a most painful death the be assoicated with the kind of careere your trying to make for your self. I hope i'm wrong because generally i'm not a very judgmental person, but in the case of you, that is MY entitlement."
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